Pressure group


It deals with groups formed by one or more pumps of various typology and mark, for the water raising to constant pressure and varying speed, that use a transmitter of pressure and a converter of frequency which allows to minimize the energy used by the pumps, optimizing the provisioning of water, eliminating the decreases of pressure and the annoying hits of ram.

These groups of water raising for industrial employment can be constituted by 1 to 5 pumps in base to the employment and the necessities of the final employer. They are assembled on a single plinth and connected among them through a collector of aspiration and one of delivery, electrically wired and tested. The variable regime operation of a pump (under Inverter) and the remaining electropumps with fixed speed, compensates in continuous the different water even though least demands. The operation called “waterfall” happens in variation of the delta of pressure planned. The pump under inverter works in accordance to the planned window; reached the maximum point of regime (rpm) and when the pressure goes down under to the programmed one, the timed switching of the other pumps is commanded in sequential way. Contrarily, when the pressure overcomes the point planned, the pump under inverter will adjust the turns or it will decrease them until the minimum, extinguishing gradually the pumps in fall.

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